Self Employed

Whether you operate a one man band or you may be an employer of staff, we understand time is money for you.  We get that at Money For You Mortgages. We appreciate you want the right financial solution for you and your business and you want that solution put in place quickly and efficiently with no fuss. We will assess [...]

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Existing Home Owner

As an existing home owner you may be wondering whether you have the right structure in place for your home lending, or is your existing bank giving you the best deal given your situation? You may be wondering how you can pay your home loan off faster? You may be looking at buying a bigger house, or an [...]

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If you are investing in property you will be required to have more equity than a person purchasing an owner occupied property.  We will look at your current lending and property structure to ensure that this is diversified and maximise your lending capability. Our goal is to position you for any further investment purchases you [...]


First Home Buyer

As a first home buyer there is a myriad of things to think about. You will have so many questions you want to ask and you may be finding it difficult to find the right answers that relate to your personal situation,  At Money For You Mortgages we will sit down with you, understand your unique situation [...]

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